Chinese Poker Rules

In this article you will learn chinese poker rules from A-Z. This game might look a bit complicated at first , but it's pretty easy actually.

Overview :

Chinese poker played with regular 52 cards deck (no jokers and wild cards).Each player gets 13 cards, therefore only 4 players can be play in each table .Chinese poker has been played with units/points , each point equal amount of money that is defined before the game started . In the end of each round you will lose or win points : lets say you are in a table where each unit/point equal $10 , and if you lose 3 point in the round you will lose $30 .

Objective :

After you have dealt with your 13 cards you need to arrange them to 3 different hands of : back (5 cards) ,middle (5 cards) and front (3 cards) , but you have some rule : the bottom hand most be stronger then the middle hand and the middle hand must be stronger then the front hand . "Wrong arrangement" - which means that you didn't follow the rule and this makes you pay a lot to each player .

Notes :
  • Straights and flushes does not count in the front hand (3 card ) - you can make only - Three of a kind , pair and high card .
  • With the above been said you can make "Clean Sweep" - that will required 3 straights or 3 flushes .

Scoring :

Right now you already know that payments are made by points , but how do you count points ?
After each player arranges his cards,each player reveals his 13 cards then each player compares his hands against every bodyelse's hands , you will gain 1 point when your hand beats your opponent and you lose 1 point when his hand beats yours see hand for example :

Chinese Poker Hand Example - for Rules
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Chinese Poker Bonuses :

In some variations you can play with bonuses for special hands:

Hand Front Middle Back
Royal Flush   14 7
Straight Flush   10 5
4-of-a-Kind   8 4
Full House   2  
3-of-a-Kind 3    

Surrendering :

If you choose to surrender you have to pay to each user 3 points . It is unlikely to surrender , but you can do it if you choose too .

Clean Sweep :

Clean sweep is a group of special hands that will give you auto win.

Rank Name Desc Points
1st 13 Colors All the card are the same suit 13
2nd Dragon Ace to King - every rank 13
3rd 12 Colors 12 out of 13 cards from 1 suit 8
4th Three-of-a-kind with 5 Pairs   4
5th 3 Straights Look at the picture above (the letf player) 4
6th 3 Flushes   3
7th 6 Pairs   3

For Example :
You play in a table where each point equals $10 and you got Three-of-a-Kind with 5 pairs you will get $40 from each player , if you have 13 Colors you will get $130 from each player !

Note : Four-of-a-Kind can be 2 pair when 5 or 6 pairs are needed .

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