Chinese poker

This website is dedicated to the simple yet challenging game of Chinese poker. There’s not much of an information of chinese poker online but don’t worry, this is a one-stop-site that will tell you everything about the game.

The first thing any player should know is the chinese poker rules and the “how tos” of the game . So you'll be able to play chinese poker online and offline. Chinese poker is really simple but it will take some rounds before anyone could finally enjoy the game of the strategy and skill. There are also additional information on the 17 card variant. As the game is getting really popular in the country and so is its variation.

We'll of course review some of the most popular chinese poker sites that offer the game . In these websites players can experience first hand and learn the ropes from the experienced online. We’ll take a look at the structure of their site and what they offer for thier players. Our task is to find the website and recommend it for specific persons.

After you'll feel comfortable with the  rules , you are more then welcome to read about chinese poker strategy & tips .

AND don't forget to HAVE FUN   ;-)  , please contact us with any query

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